Self, Motivation and Virtue Project — Funding deadline 1st December

Marquette University is inviting letters of interest for new research projects on the topics of the self, motivation, and virtue. Approximately ten research proposals at $190,000 each (funded by a Templeton grant) will be awarded through this initiative.

Our purpose is to open the “self” framework as an alternative to the “personality” framework for the study of virtue, in particular, for the study of the role of motivations in virtuous dispositions and behavior. Research on the self, motivation, and virtue, especially moral/virtuous motivation, is of vital importance to the study of virtue and the central focus of our research proposal.

More info here.

Let us know if you’re planning to apply and would like to link your project to the Integrity Project. We can host you on our projects page and help share your work.

About Rachael Wiseman

Dr Rachael Wiseman is a post-doctoral researcher in Philosophy at Durham University.
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