As soon as one starts thinking about what integrity is, why it might be valuable, and how it can be threatened, one comes up against a vast web of inter-connected issues. Some of these issues are familiar in the philosophical literature, but others are historical, sociological, or political. It is hard to know how best to get a handle on them, and how to avoid trying to talk about everything at once.
We have organized our thoughts on integrity under the themes below. These themes unify disparate concerns in ways that bring the truly difficult questions to light and, we think, reveals most what matters to us when we care about integrity.
Visit the theme pages to find related activities or posts and to see relevant literature and specific issues that we have identified.
The following themes are works in progress. Do contact us if you have any thoughts as to how they ought to be developed.
  • Faith, Religion & Integrity
  • Integrity & Authenticity
  • Representations of Integrity, Integrity of Representing
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Self and cosmos