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My research area is ancient philosophy or thought, especially ethics and psychology. My most recent book is Naturalistic Psychology in Galen and Stoicism (Oxford University Press, 2010). Two earlier books were on ancient conceptions of personality or self: The Structured Self in Hellenistic and Roman Thought (2006), and Personality in Greek Epic, Tragedy, and Philosophy: The Self in Dialogue (1996), both also published by Oxford. The latter book was awarded a Runciman Prize in 1997. Another area of interest is Platonic philosophy, especially the dialogue form and dialectic.

Stoics: Portraits of Integrity

Christopher Gill’s introduction to our Portraits of Integrity meeting on the Stoics is now available. Readings Christopher Gill, ‘Stoics on Integrity‘. The text of a lecture given at York University in 2014 which discusses these Stoic ideas and consider how … Continue reading

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The Stoics on Integrity

Aim: to bring out the distinctive (and strong) features of Stoic ethics for analysing integrity; to explore the question how far this is an account we can not only learn from but would want to adopt today; to consider the … Continue reading

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