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One way to approach the relationship between integrity and speech is to consider the intentions and motivations of the speaker, as we do under the Action and Speech theme. The other is to focus on language itself. What is it for a speaker’s words to be corrupt? What does it do to a speaker or to a linguistic community when her language become corrupt? How might we learn to recognise, and to resist, the erosion of integrity in language or by language? Read more »

Tristram Hunt and the language of modern politics

This article discusses Tristram Hunt’s recent Question Time appearance. Reflections relevant to our Integrity and Language theme. Here’s an extract:

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Xunzi on integrity of langauge

Picking up on a passage in Confucius (Kongzi) on the ‘rectification of names’, Xunzi (later 3rd C. b.c.e.) argues at length for the importance of integrity in language, in Chapter 22 ‘On Correct Naming’ (tr. Ivanhoe and Van Norden). In … Continue reading

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Integrity in the news: ‘A stand for democracy in the digital age’

Writers Against Surveillance — a collective of 562 authors — have launched a petition calling for the ‘defence of civil liberties against surveillance by corporations and governments’. They identify ‘integrity of the individual’ as a precondition for democracy:

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