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The Integrity Project explores the psychological, social, institutional and political preconditions for acting and speaking with integrity; those which undermine the possibility of maintaining integrity; and the consequences on individuals and societies of widespread failures integrity.

The Integrity Project is a collaborative project. We aim to bring academics who want to reflect on the project’s research themes into dialogue and people working and living in circumstances which compromise or enable their acting with integrity.

There are lots of ways to get involved.

… come to our conferences and workshops

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 … organise an event of your own

If you are organising an event that speaks to our project, please tell us about it. We can tell people about what you’re doing, blog about your event, and disseminate pod-casts, papers, or reports.

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 … contribute to our research project

See Themes and Projects for details

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… tell us about your experience

It is  essential to our project that people from outside academia join our conversation. If your experience—professional, personal, or otherwise—has led you to reflect on what it is to have and act with integrity in the modern world we want to hear from you. Tell us what questions the Integrity Project should be asking, and how we should share our research. This project is first and foremost an attempt to understand how we should deal, in practical terms, with the compromises and hypocrisies of contemporary life: we want to hear from those who have attempted to do so, given up doing so, or are interested in exploring in more depth the issues at stake.

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… join our Portraits of Integrity virtual reading group

From February 2014 we are be holding a monthly reading group. The texts and discussion points are posted here. We will read fiction, biography, and theory (see the website’s Image Bank for an indication).

You can take part in the reading group virtually, via the website. We will also  have a monthly meeting in Newcastle, and will podcast our discussion via the website. Contact us if you’d like to come. Alternatively, set up your own reading group, and send us podcasts, book reports, or questions to join the conversation. Tell us if you have ideas for readings or would like to join us in Newcastle or convene your own reading group.

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… add to our Image Bank

Our Image Bank is growing. Send us the name of an individual–living, historical, or fictional–whose life or actions exemplifies or raises questions about integrity. Add a short paragraph and, if appropriate, suggesting readings. We’ll add it to our Image Bank.

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 … contact us

Through the website or by email: contact@integrityproject.org

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