Integrity Outside the European Sphere

India, Africa, China, Japan

If there is a section on this topic, it would include the following. However, we are considering integrating all such subtopics into relevant other panels. We would particularly appreciate any suggestions on how this might be done (or whether it shouldn’t be).

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Indicative content

A. We would like to include relevant aspects of non-European treatments and expressions of integrity in each of the respective sections above. Specific ideas are welcome. There may well still be place, however, for direct treatment of integrity as it has arisen – been expressed within and constrained by – non-European social, intellectual and political contexts.

B. Contemporary Sociology and Anthropology, political structures; conceptual space. Are there equivalents? Are there similar pressures? What forms do they take? Do they have the same centrality? Are their manifestations similar or widely different from those familiar in European and post-European cultures?