About the Wunderbar collaboration

Mind mapWunderbar, in collaboration with the Integrity Project, is developing a new fundraising initiative, the Wunderbar Foundation.

Along with its core aim of raising money for our projects, the Foundation will explore some of the ethics and challenges of traditional fundraising.

Rachael (The Integrity Project) and Ilana (Wunderbar) have been exploring the idea of a trickle-up economy, in which the virtue and happiness of artists can be ‘purchased’ by those who are cash-rich but integrity-poor.

As Rachael says: “It isn’t that all artists are happy and virtuous and all rich unhappy and corrupt… but if philanthropy has benefits for the philanthropist […the trickling up of ‘good feels,’ and the positive qualities associated with artists such as authenticity and creativity] then perhaps access to such benefits should be limited to the ‘deserving rich’ rather than the ‘undeserving rich’. If so, how?”

And, as the Wunderbar Foundation will consider, how does that affect the artists, who stand with their buckets to accept some of those cash trickles? How do we decide who, amongst the philanthropic masses, is deserving and undeserving of our artistic patronage?

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