Spring Conference — Integrity Lost: What’s the harm in hypocrisy?

The Integrity Project will be organising a 2-day conference in Brighton, to take place April 2014. We are keen to hear from people who want to be involved.

‘Integrity Lost: What’s the harm in hypocrisy?’ will look at role-obligations and communicative contexts, considering the ways in which these can compel people act when they find themselves, in virtue of their commitments,  in circumstances in which it is impossible for them to maintain their integrity – e.g. activists forced to take funding, spies, politicians. We are interested, for instance, in the extent to which the collaboration, association and funding necessary for effective action threaten integrity. And we want to identify the kinds of harm that is done to persons and communities when practices of hypocrisy and compromise are endemic.

In keeping with The Integrity Project’s aims, we want to bring together academics from across the disciplines, as well as those living and working in circumstances which compromise or enable integrity.

We welcome ideas and suggestions, as well as proposals for conference sessions by anyone interested in working with us to organise them.

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