Summer Conference — Saints and Madmen: Integrity at its Limits

In conjunction with the Einstein Forum, the Integrity Project will be organising a 3-day conference in Berlin, to take place June 2014. We are keen to hear from people who want to be involved.

‘Saints and Madmen: Integrity at its Limits’  asks whether, or in what way, integrity demands purity and uncompromising adherence to values. We want to look at, on the one hand, what it does to a person to hold themselves to a high standard, and how real integrity can look to people from the outside (sometimes foolish or inconsiderate or vain); and we want to look, on the other hand, and what it does to people to be held to some ‘saintly’ version of absolute integrity, such that everyone is already compromised anyway.

Can we be compromised, hypocritical, and prudential and still be persons of integrity or does, after all, integrity demand that we are prepared to become martyrs to a cause?

In keeping with The Integrity Project’s aims, we want to bring together academics from across the disciplines, as well as those living and working in circumstances which compromise or enable integrity.

We welcome ideas and suggestions, as well as proposals for conference sessions by anyone interested in working with us to organise them.

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