Workshop Announcement: Activism & Integrity

On Monday December 16th 2013, the Northumbria University Histories of Activism research group, in collaboration with The Integrity Project, will be hosting a 1 day workshop at the University of Northumbria.

Activism and Integrity

Integrity can drive individuals to challenge existing structures and practices in various ways – campaigning against them, separating from them, or exemplifying alternative lifestyles. This workshop explores how personal integrity has compelled different kinds of activists to act only according to their conscience. The event – which will feature four papers delivered by historians working on a range of types of activism – will explore the ways integrity has shaped debates among activists from across the political spectrum; how it has governed action as well as intention; and how forms of organization and collective action are negotiated to preserve the integrity of the actors.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please contact either Dr Charlotte Alston ( or Dr Joe Hardwick (

About Rachael Wiseman

Dr Rachael Wiseman is a post-doctoral researcher in Philosophy at Durham University.
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