Henry James: Portraits of Integrity

Danielle Petherbridge’s introduction to our Portraits of Integrity meeting on Henry James is now available.


  • Henry James, The Ambassadors, (New York: Modern Library, 2011); Chapter 1, Book First, pp. 5-19; Chapter 2, Book Second, pp. 65-83; Chapter 2, Book Fifth, pp. 174-186; Chapter 5, Book Twelfth, pp. 512-518.
  • Robert B. Pippin, “The ‘Strange Logic’ of Lambert Strether’s ‘Double Consciousness’,” in Henry James and Modern Moral Life, (Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, 2000), pp. 147-170.

Further Reading:

  • Henry James, The Wings of the Dove, (New York: Modern Library, 2003).

About Danielle Petherbridge

Danielle Petherbridge is an IRC Marie Curie Research Fellow working on the project entitled Encountering the Other: Intersubjectivity, Sociality and Freedom. From 2013-2015, she will be located in the Department of Philosophy, Columbia University, New York. Her work examines the intersubjective paradigm and foundational issues in social philosophy, as well as debates about the theory of recognition and the analysis of power and freedom employed in critical theory. She is undertaking a larger study on the problem of intersubjectivity, particularly contrasting different philosophical approaches to self/other relations and modalities of interaction.
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