Meeting Schedule

This page has details of our meeting schedule for the Portraits of Integrity workshops. This programme of events has now finished, but we welcome inquiries or requests for one-off workshops. All the project resources can be accessed here too.

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Portraits of Integrity

  • 28th March 2014: Tolstoy
    • Led by Charlotte Alston. Attended by CA, AC, JH, RW, AA, AB, IW, KA
  • 3rd July 2015: Confucius
    • Led by Winnie Sung. Attended by RW, AC, CA, JH, MD, IW, AB, LS
  • 31st July 2015: Elizabeth Anscombe
    • Led by Rachael Wiseman. Attended by JH, AC, RW, AK, LS, RL, CM, IW

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